Quantum Healing & Massage, LLC


Four years ago, I was riding an ATV and fell down a deep ravene in Southern Ohio.  Luckily I was found and rushed to a hospital in West Virginia.  I had a CAT scan and a MRI and they could not find anything broken or obviously wrong, although I could hardly walk without termendous pain in my back.  I came back to Northern Ohio and went to an Orthopedic doctor who gave me pain killers and told me there was nothing wrong with me that they could see.  I still could hardly move, let alone walk and work.  Then there was Renae, who insisted I let her work on me.  Since I couldn't travel well or move for that matter she came to my home and she worked on me while I laid on the couch.  Her method of treatment was CranioSacral Therapy.  She worked on me for 4 days in a row and on the 5th day I was back at work.  Moving freely and without a cane.  Thank you Renae.


Recently, approximately 6 months ago, my hands were so numb I could hardly work.  I went to Renae and she worked on me, just once and it relieved the numbness for a short time but it came back.  I went to see a surgeon and he said I had carpel tunnel.  I set the date for the surgery but I decided to try Renae one more time.  I saw her 4 times in a row.  She massaged my arms and shoulders and on the 5th day I canceled the surgery.  It seems like the 5th day is magic.  Thanks again Renae.


I had burning in my shoulders and I could hardly move to do anything.  I am a widow and this created a problem.  I started seeing Renae and at first I saw her every week for about 3 weeks, then I was seeing her every other week and now I see her every 3 weeks.  I feel great, my shoulders feel great and I can't thank her enough.  She's a great massage therapist.  Thank you Renae!


After crashing my ATV, I broke my collar bone and was in pretty bad shape.  After Renae's massages, I was able to move and I felt a lot better.  She does make you feel good!


I use to get massages all the time but my Massage Therapist moved and I couldn't find someone I liked.  Four years ago I started seeing Renae once a month.  Every time I see her she makes me feel like a million dollars.  I feel good about myself and I have recently decided to lose weight to even better take care of myself.  She is a great Massage Therapist!


I visited Renae after a motor vehicle accident and injury.  The session was very relaxing and the pain was significantly reduced to the point that I slept the entire night which was a first after the accident (approximately 5 weeks).  I am sure that I will return.